The Platform

picture of me wearing the wearable
diagram of the wearable system
The top picture shows me wearing the latest version of the wearable hardware, which is also represented by the diagram. I collaborated with the excellent robotics engineer Jeff Weber on the physical design and construction (he also took the two pictures of me wearing the system on this website), and with fellow graduate student Eduardo Torres-Jara on the custom circuit board for power distribution. The backpack holds batteries that can power the system for approximately seven hours, and a laptop that can process and capture data, as well as communicate wirelessly with a computer cluster. A firewire camera attached to a headband captures video from the wearer's perspective. A kinematic model that describes the configuration of the wearer's torso, upper-arm, forearm, and head is estimated based on the output from the four orientation sensors. The off-the-shelf orientation sensors from Intersense estimate absolute orientation with respect to gravity and the earth's magnetic field. One of the sensors is mounted to the backpack, while the other three are worn on the head, the upper-arm, and the wrist.